10:00 - 10:45

Track A

Cloud Solution Architect, Open Source Community Lead


Alex is Cloud Solution Architect, working for more than 10 years with the cloud and Open Source.
He used to work a Technical Evangelist and was responsible for creating and fostering a developer ecosystem. Won the Microsoft Best In Role Worldwide Award. His daily job is working on the complex cloud and on-premise architecture engagements with focus on the Open Source, High Performance Computing and IoT. Alex continues to to work on the community engagements inside and outside of Microsoft, leading a global Open Source Community Lead and Microsoft Russia Running and Sports Community.

Keynote: Microsoft Ecosystem Is The Best For Developers - And This is Why.

Microsoft ecosystem is the best for developers. It provides instruments, technologies, documentation and innovation for you to use it in your daily work and life. We will go through few topics that excite us - application development, data science, Open and Inner Source and will show you have cloud technologies can help fight COVID.
We are sure that you will find or learn something that will empower you as a developer!