16:00 - 16:45

Track C

Anton Boyko
Senior Solution Architect, MVP


Founder and main speaker at Ukrainian Microsoft Azure Community. 15+ years in application development. Worked as Developer, DevOps and Architect. Participated in a global worldwide projects with millions of users load. Currently occupies the role of the Principal Solution Architect at Valtech. Has his own IT consultancy practice, helps organizations of different sizes to be more efficient by investing into modernization. Microsoft Azure MVP since 2014. Microsoft Regional Director since 2020.

Talk: DevOps and databases - how to survive the bloody enterprise

This session is based on a real-life extremely painful experience of working for a big enterprise. By preaching the old ways, they tend to have a dedicated department for managing all the databases. And, as you probably have already guessed, they are usually completely disconnected from the application teams. Although it may sound reasonable to someone, in fact, it is not. Trying to manage a few dozens of databases without actually understanding their purpose is a nice way to increase tension between the teams.
During my session, I will share the story of bringing a glimpse of agile into the bloody enterprise ecosystem.