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jon galloway
Senior Program Manager, .NET Community Team
United States


Jon is a Senior Program Manager on the .NET Community Team. He’s been a professional developer for 25 years, and at Microsoft for the past 10 years. He’s co-authored several books on .NET, helps run the .NET Community Standups, wrote the MVC Music Store tutorial, and co-hosts the Herding Code podcast. He’s spoken at conferences all over the world, and loves learning and sharing what he’s learned.

Talk: Simplify Microservices development with Tye

Moving to microservices can accelerate your team’s software delivery by decoupling dependencies, but introduces a lot of new complications and decisions. One of the biggest problems is that it makes the development experience a lot more complex and confusing. How do I just do File / New / Microservice? Do I need to learn all these new terms and libraries just to get started? How do I debug my app, start up all the services and applications at the same time, discover services, or visualize all of the different components? And, seriously, just how much YAML do I need to write???
Fortunately, there’s an easy way to get started that doesn’t lock you in or limit you from taking more direct control as your application matures: Project Tye. In this session, we’ll start with microservices basics, look at the tools and practices you’ll need to get started with microservices development, and then see how Project Tye can give you that File / New / Microservices experience in just a few minutes.