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.NET is my main stack since 2004

Talk: My beautiful microservices

Since the release of .NET Core we .NET developers have joined the microservice world. Monoliths are not cool any more. However new approaches require new challenges. And old good patterns and practice always play well with modern requirements. While new ones have not emerged yet. There is neither Spring Boot nor Ruby on Rails for .NET -- opinionated frameworks where developers don’t ask questions but rather obey to their guidelines.
During this session we will take one step back and forget for some time about principles and practices that have always been told to us as a must have thing. Instead we will talk about pragmatic way of .NET Core microservices development. For example:
How to organize code inside the microservice
How to share code between microservices
How to expose (and consume) external contracts

Some things may sound too progressive, but that’s all for a good reason -- write less code and faster get things running in prod.