17:00 - 17:45

Track А

Sr. Software Engineer
Monster Lead Group


Lead Full-stack Software Engineer | 7+ years of exp. | C# .NET, Angular, SQL, Azure
• worked for Microsoft, Verizon, Telenor and others
• cross-industry experience within corporate software and business automation
• split monolithic system into microservices
• 5 times developed and replaced old systems to multiply businesses efficiency
• 2 times modernized existing software
• did multiple databases migration to the new system database with different schema

Talk: Recap of libraries you should know before starting building a new web application in .NET nowadays.

I will tell you about modern libraries which are trending nowadays for web development in .NET.
These libraries:
- decrease effort for your web API clients generation,
- helps organise code in a modern way,
- provides a comfortable interface for common things in unit tests,
- decrease pain for managing SQL database state in an integration test,
- helps easily seed data or test modules with almost real data,
- helps developer be on the same ground with QA as well as with PO,
- helps adds blazing fast bulk actions to EF core,
- provides an easy interface for circuit breaker implementation,
- provides an easy way to generate HTML documents without ASP.NET or JS renderers.